What is your morning routine?

Everyday, illustrators and artists all around the world grab their hot cups of coffee and make their way to their desk. Some might go for an early morning walk and be fresh from the showers, others just trudge in in their slippers and dressing gowns.

They ease themselves into their chairs. They might turn their computers on first and check emails, social media and various other platforms while they sip away at their drink. At some point they are going to swivel in their chair, move their chair to another desk (like I have to), or maybe just push their keyboard away so they can have space for the first work of the day.

A lot of you might just go straight into it. Grab the illustration you were working late on yesterday and just carry on. Some of you in traditional mediums might have a little tradition getting your paints ready, new water in your jars and gently run your thumb across your brushes.

I like to start with a few practice runs before I get into my clients work. I like to think of it as if I was playing a sport, like tennis. A good tennis player always has a few swings first. A golf player the same. A soccer player will have a few kicks. A basketball player will do a few shoots.

With drawing, I feel, it should be the same. Which is why I put together the Sketch Prompt Jar. A quick warm-up sketch of leaves, a hedgehog or anything you pull out will just alert your mind, wake-up the eye-to-hand co-ordination and allows your body to ease into the activity. Every month I create new prompts (for everybody!) to add to my jar.

What I would love to know is what is your early-morning tradition? What do you do to get your day going and get yourself into the mood of drawing?

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