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Easter Competition!

We are giving away one of our Illustration Sketch Jars!

As usual there is no ‘social media’ pressure (don’t you hate those where they insist you like their page?) No – this is a good old-fashioned give away, but we need you to do just one thing – we are looking for people to give the Sketch Jar to who sketch! So we know you are going to use it! Download this month’s Easter-themed Sketch prompts – cut them up and place them in a jar or bowl, then pull one out. Draw/sketch for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, or even 50 minutes and then send us a photo at mrsbeckerling@gmail.com along with your name, contact details and address. (more…)

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Sketch Prompt Jars and Travel Cases!

You might have noticed we got rid of the pillows, necklaces, toys and prints. You might have seen our bunny buttons change on the front page. This is all part of a revamp, focused, refined visions of who are and who you are. We have realised we have accumulated a community of artists, creatives, writers and fellow book lovers and we thought our products should reflect this. To start us off in this direction was the release of our Travel Sketch Cases.

These Travel Sketch Cases are created from old hard-covers from second-hand books. The insides have been replaced with two sections – one section that holds an elastic to keep your journal or sketch pad safe and secure, while the other has been transformed into two pockets – one for brushes, pens and other tall items and the other for shorter things like erasers, sharpeners and paint tubes. You can use the hardness of the book to lean on as you sketch on the go!


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