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Merry Christmas and Happy Festive Season!

Before we all go on holiday, I thought I would just create a little eBook as a early Christmas Present to all you Merry folks! This is a tale about a Bee who discovers that he only lives for 6 months and he thinks of all the things he could do. The book rhymes as […]

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Pillows Now Available!

I have had this idea for a while. Ever since I started writing the story about Brontide and Wiggle, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to have a pillow of Wiggle sleeping?

A few years ago I used to print my illustrations on kid’s t-shirts and sell them on Etsy, so I already knew a wonderful lady, right here in Cape Town, that was able to print to print straight onto fabric. The best thing about this is that she prints it digitally. So unlike those cheap t-shirts that have those transfers that go sticky in the wash, or peel off, the digital print goes straight onto the fabric, meaning that there is nothing to peel off, there is nothing to disintegrate over time, it just stays cheerful. It also means that if you happen to lie on it, face down, you can still breath, making it ideal to use for pillows for children who might just do that! (more…)

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Panda and Fox Story

panda_04I have been wanting to tell you the story of Fox and Panda for a while, but the truth is I took these little necklaces to a craft market, about two weeks ago, and completely sold out!

So I have been very busy creating a new batch so I could finally take photos and make them available in the shop for you. You can purchase them individually, but I would really recommend going for the combo deal! Each product comes with the free eBook that you can read and enjoy while the necklace(s) is packaged and shipped off to you.

I took the opportunity of my production time to also put together a short story about these two little guys. I got author and editor, Michelle Ainslie, to cast her eye over the final story, to ensure all the spelling and grammar gremlins had all been chased out before I created a few illustrations and whipped it all together in an easy to download format. Below is the the first section of the story. (more…)

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Chapter 1: Wiggle goes on an Adventure

When mamma looked at her piglets, she saw something was wrong. The first one had stripes, the second one had stripes, the third had stripes, but the fourth had spots. The first one was brown, the second one was brown, the third one was brown, but the fourth was white, with a tuft of black […]

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