Social Media & Marketing for Illustrators PDF


Page count: 45pages, including cover.

Format: PDF

File size: 2.75MB


I’ve compiled a 45-page book on Social Media and Marketing for Illustrators, which covers everything about websites, social networks, campaigns as well as traditional mediums. While I do cover the most popular social platform, this book is mostly about the bigger picture – about being realistic about the amount of time you have to spend on social media  and learning from others.

I give multiple examples of illustrators out there that I think have done a fantastic job  and what we can learn from there.

This product is downloadable in an easy to use PDF format. There is no digital protection around the files, so I trust your discretion with the PDF and hope that you encourage your friends to buy their own copy rather than forward yours to them. The file is a easy to download 2.75MB

Table of Contents:

Module  1: Foundation

  • Ground Work
  • What is the Product
  • Branding
  • Website – Home Base

Module 2:  Social Media & Networks

  • The Basics of Social Media
  • Content is King
  • Blogging and Writing for the Web
  • Newsletter
  • Videos
  • Photos and Images
  • The 4 Main Social Networks
  • A few other Honourable Mentions
  • It’s not only about Giving – it’s also about Receiving
  • Campaigns – Getting clever

Module 3 – Traditional Media

  • Business Cards
  • Researching Clients
  • Postcards
  • Interacting with the Real World

Module 4: Summary

  • Summary


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