Pink Camels and Floating Grannies – Celeste Beckerling


ISBN: 978 0 620 74371 6

Originally published: 2017

Type: Paperback

Age: 6 to 9 years

I just LOVED it!

~ Karin Yates

I laughed so much I nearly cried.  Such a wicked imagination!

~ Michelle Ainslie

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Monkey is just a regular girl, with an over-active imagination, living in Cape Town, South Africa.

She doesn’t get a letter from a magical owl on her birthday. No ring was handed to her from a wizard smoking a pipe. She doesn’t find out she’s a princess, fairy or the ‘chosen one.’ There are no treasure, pirates or strange tribes in the jungle. She is just Monkey, her grandparents are coming and it’s her birthday.

That is not to say that the weekend is boring. Her robust Grandmother makes such sudden loud shrieks that airplanes get confused. Her Granddad apparently lost his finger by digging in his nose (that’s just one of his explanations). Her older, maturer brother keeps trying to do magic tricks and her dad is a little forgetful. They eat ice-cream at Muizenberg beach, get lost and almost explode the world at Cecilia Forest and contemplate on camels that think they are flamingos in Noordhoek. All the while, the two bulldogs join in, splattering sticky drool everywhere and just causing a bit of chaos.

This book will have you laughing at the ridiculous, giggling at the absurd and  smiling at the bizarre. A must read for any 6 to 9 year old.


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