Pillows Now Available!

I have had this idea for a while. Ever since I started writing the story about Brontide and Wiggle, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to have a pillow of Wiggle sleeping?

A few years ago I used to print my illustrations on kid’s t-shirts and sell them on Etsy, so I already knew a wonderful lady, right here in Cape Town, that was able to print to print straight onto fabric. The best thing about this is that she prints it digitally. So unlike those cheap t-shirts that have those transfers that go sticky in the wash, or peel off, the digital print goes straight onto the fabric, meaning that there is nothing to peel off, there is nothing to disintegrate over time, it just stays cheerful. It also means that if you happen to lie on it, face down, you can still breath, making it ideal to use for pillows for children who might just do that!

The characters that are on the pillows? Well it’s my story characters of course! I am writing short stories to go with my products and at the moment I have a short story for Brontide and Wiggle, the jackalope (which is a rabbit with antlers) and spotty boar, as well as a story for Panda and Fox who live at the zoo. I am hoping to write more short stories on these characters as time goes, so that in the future I’ll have a selection of stories for customers.  Once you have bought a product, a link is sent to you, that will give you access to the story page for those characters, which you will be able to access forever.

All the illustrations are done by me. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a children’s book illustrator. The illustrations are created with watercolour and ink, plus a sprinkle of imagination.  The stories are written usually on a Thursday, which is the day I get together with my fellow writers, at a Mugg ‘n Bean, and we work on all our various different stories we write.

The nice thing is also that this pillows are on the small size (between 10 to 25cm, depending on which one) which is perfect for small hands. They can just tuck in with you at night, without a worry in the world.

You can buy these characters pillows in my online store.

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