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panda_04I have been wanting to tell you the story of Fox and Panda for a while, but the truth is I took these little necklaces to a craft market, about two weeks ago, and completely sold out!

So I have been very busy creating a new batch so I could finally take photos and make them available in the shop for you. You can purchase them individually, but I would really recommend going for the combo deal! Each product comes with the free eBook that you can read and enjoy while the necklace(s) is packaged and shipped off to you.

I took the opportunity of my production time to also put together a short story about these two little guys. I got author and editor, Michelle Ainslie, to cast her eye over the final story, to ensure all the spelling and grammar gremlins had all been chased out before I created a few illustrations and whipped it all together in an easy to download format. Below is the the first section of the story.

Panties of Feathers

A Fox and Panda Tale

In the wild, a Panda and Fox could never really be friends. Well, they might be friends, but the chances of them seeing each other are very, very small because Pandas live on one side of the world and the red Fox lives on the other. However, it just so happened that in one particular zoo, they lived near each other. In fact, they lived right next to each other. They actually lived next to each other for months before they even knew the other was there. You see, a Panda plays and eats during the day. At night, he curls up and goes to sleep, normally under a tree, or in his little house. At night is when the Fox comes out and that is when he plays and eats. During the day, the Fox likes to sleep in his hide-out that the zookeepers provide.

That was until one night the Panda couldn’t sleep. He was bored. He had been bored the whole day. There was nothing for him to do and the novelty of people staring at him all day had worn off pretty quickly. In the beginning, it was all very exciting. It was an adventure. It didn’t take him long though to explore his pen. There was a tree and a swing. Not much else.
He pulled faces at the children and they laughed. He rolled over and they laughed some more. Then they went home and he never saw them again. He wanted someone to stick around and play with him all the time. When the children had gone home and the zookeepers had all left, Panda started wandering around his pen. The sunset slowly sunk behind the buildings and the night sky arrived. As the zoo was just outside of the city, he couldn’t see that many stars. Instead he saw all the lights from the buildings. He sat on a boulder and looked at the buildings. He could see that there were some humans working late in some of the rooms. He could hear that most of the other animals around his pen had gone to sleep.

There were slight noises of snoring and shuffling as the monkeys found a better spot. He could hear the water slightly moving as the hippo shifted. Then came another noise. It wasn’t a noise of an animal rolling over, or a noise of deep breathing from sleep. It was the noise of shuffling and sniffing. The Panda wobbled over to the end of his pen and peered over into the next one. In the light from the buildings he could make out a shape in the shadows. It was a long shape with a bushy tail. With a swoosh, it disappeared. The Panda stood tall on his back legs and tried to see where the shape had gone. He looked all the way over to the right and then stretched all the way to the left. Without warning, the Fox jumped on his back legs, front paws against the wall and looked straight at the Panda.

01_panda-and-fox-lr“Hello,” he said. The Panda fell backwards on his bottom. He rolled over and caught the red Fox grinning from ear to ear.
“That’s not funny,” said the Panda. The red Fox smiled.
“What are you doing up at this hour?” asked the Fox.
“I am bored,” replied the Panda. “You?”
“This is my day-time,” replied the red Fox. The red Fox jumped back into his pen. The Panda peered over the wall.
“What do you do during your day-time?” he asked.
“Oh,” said the Fox, “a little of this and a little of that.”
“Can I join?” asked the Panda. The Fox looked over to the Panda, as he stood with his little round face looking over the wall.
“I guess so,” he said. The Panda smiled. He looked down the side of the wall. His tree was in the corner. He trotted over and climbed the tree. He then made his way down one of the branches that hung over into the Fox’s den.

Holding the branch, he swung his legs down. They didn’t quite reach the ground. He was stuck now, hanging in the air, waving his little legs. The Fox looked at him with his head cocked to the side.

“What are you doing, my round little friend?” he said with a smile.
“Oh,” Panda said, “I guess I’m stuck here. I don’t suppose you could help?”

Fox looked around his pen and spotted a rock. He tugged and pushed the rock until it came loose. Using his front paws, he rolled the rock underneath the Panda. The Panda’s little back paws touched the rock and he let go of the branch. The Panda climbed off the rock. “Hi,” he said to the Fox. “Hi,” replied the Fox. Panda looked around the Fox pen.

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