Easter Competition!

We are giving away one of our Illustration Sketch Jars!

As usual there is no ‘social media’ pressure (don’t you hate those where they insist you like their page?) No – this is a good old-fashioned give away, but we need you to do just one thing – we are looking for people to give the Sketch Jar to who sketch! So we know you are going to use it! Download this month’s Easter-themed Sketch prompts – cut them up and place them in a jar or bowl, then pull one out. Draw/sketch for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, or even 50 minutes and then send us a photo at mrsbeckerling@gmail.com along with your name, contact details and address.

You can share them on our Facebook page too (only if you like). We will pick a winner and let you know if you have won.

We are looking forward to seeing your sketches!

Download Easter Sketch Prompts Here!

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