Chapter 1: Wiggle goes on an Adventure

When mamma looked at her piglets, she saw something was wrong. The first one had stripes, the second one had stripes, the third had stripes, but the fourth had spots. The first one was brown, the second one was brown, the third one was brown, but the fourth was white, with a tuft of black on his chest. Mamma peered at her fourth piglet and wondered what she was going to do with this one.

When the piglets got a little older, the first one hid amongst the tall grass and couldn’t be seen. The second one hid amongst the dried leaves and couldn’t be seen. The third one hid amongst the brown rocks at the river and couldn’t be seen. But the fourth one could be seen no matter where he went to hide. There was nothing white with spots anywhere that he could hid in.

Mamma got worried that a wild cat or bear would find her special, different piglet. One day this very thing happened, as a Marten, which is kind of like a weasel, took a bite out of the little piglets ear for a snack.

The fourth piglet tried to cover his white dotty fur by rolling in the mud. Unlike all his brothers and sisters, though, his fur was thick and fluffy. Soon his fur had so much mud in it, that it caked him in. He couldn’t move, as the mud turned to clay and created a hard case around his body. His brother and sisters laughed at him while his mamma poured water on him trying to loosen the mud up again. The mud just wouldn’t let go. Eventually the whole family had to step in to roll him to the top of the hill. From there, they pushed him and he tumbled all the way down, straight into a boulder. The smash of his mud caked body against the rock was enough force to shatter the mud and he was free.

The downside was that for ages afterwards, the little piglet scratched and scratched, as there were still little flecks and bits of mud in his fur that caused him to itch. This itching made him wiggle a lot as he tried to rub against things and shake it all off. Needless to say, everyone started calling him Wiggle.

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Mamma realised it was time and so she packed Wiggle a sandwich, an apple and a doughnut (boar’s love doughnuts!) and told her fourth piglet that he needed to find his own spot in the world. Somewhere where he could hide from predators, somewhere where he could fit in and be himself and not cover himself in mud. Somewhere where his thick fur would be useful and not just cause him to sweat all the time. Wiggle took his bag of goodies, strapped it on a stick and went on his way.


Chapter 2 coming soon!

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