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Easter Competition!

We are giving away one of our Illustration Sketch Jars!

As usual there is no ‘social media’ pressure (don’t you hate those where they insist you like their page?) No – this is a good old-fashioned give away, but we need you to do just one thing – we are looking for people to give the Sketch Jar to who sketch! So we know you are going to use it! Download this month’s Easter-themed Sketch prompts – cut them up and place them in a jar or bowl, then pull one out. Draw/sketch for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, or even 50 minutes and then send us a photo at along with your name, contact details and address. (more…)

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Character Design Magazine Kickstarter

Character Design Quarterly (CDQ) is an exciting new print magazine for illustrators, artists, animators, and character art enthusiasts.

It seems Character Design is on everyone’s mind this year, as I was about to put a book around this subject matter myself. But then 3D Publishing emailed me to let me know about this cool-looking quarterly magazine they were doing and so I thought I would spread the word.  Of course I have backed up the first edition myself and I encourage other creatives to maybe do the same. There are some top guys involved and it always a good top to learn more about. (more…)

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What is your morning routine?

Everyday, illustrators and artists all around the world grab their hot cups of coffee and make their way to their desk. Some might go for an early morning walk and be fresh from the showers, others just trudge in in their slippers and dressing gowns.

They ease themselves into their chairs. They might turn their computers on first and check emails, social media and various other platforms while they sip away at their drink. At some point they are going to swivel in their chair, move their chair to another desk (like I have to), or maybe just push their keyboard away so they can have space for the first work of the day.


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Be Inspired: Feb

Every month we’ll be posting an image that you can use to print out and stick in either your illustration sketch book, or your journal. These pages were created by hand, by me, to inspire all those creatives out there. We are celebrating Tell-a-Fairy-Tale day on the 26th of Feb and encourage all of you […]

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