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It was with great anticipation that I scurried home with my box from the printers. Within seconds of opening the front door I was already clawing at the lid trying to get in. The second print-run of Pink Camels and Floating Grannies was finally in!

I decided to print 50 copies this time, but when I started checking my back-order spread sheet I wondered if maybe I had been a little short. I had just received sign off that my book would be available at two new distributors, including I packed up the various parcels, bound some in brown paper and string and my box of books slowly disappeared. But I am happy to inform you that even with the distributors, readers and library (more about that later), I still have plenty of books available to sell directly to you!

This of course brings me to the libraries. I am pleased to announce that one copy is on it’s way to Cooper College in JHB. But I am even more pleased to say that two copies are also now available at the Michael Oak Waldorf School, where my main character (and I) went/go to school. It was a nostalgic moment as I walked into my old school with my package. There were plenty of new faces and of course since I had been there they have updated the high school where the library is. I felt a bit lost as I tried to navigate my way through, discovering that short-cuts and paths that used to exists have since been closed up.

But even through the sea of new faces there were still a few familiar ones. It has been over ten years since I had attended the school and so my face had been long forgotten. But the familiar faces of teachers as they walked past me, assuming I was either a parent or something, amused me no end. I enjoyed announcing greetings with the tune of a student such as ‘morning Mr Scannell’ and ‘morning Mrs Penfold.’ They looked at me with puzzlement, knowing my voice, but not my face. I could see they knew the sound of a student anywhere but my age threw them out. They very graciously replied with a ‘hello!’ but then I was shortly gone before the penny dropped to who I was.

As I entered the library I was reminded to how different Waldolf was compared to other schools. There were a group of girls, all completely different with different interests, styles, looks and backgrounds, sitting around chatting about day-to-day things, even though in a cliche world they shouldn’t have been friends at all. But within this setting and this moment they were.

The Library lady took my books and was incredible excited about them, peering and enjoying browsing through my pages. I had such fun taking it all in and was a little sad as I had to leave. Even though the people had changed and the students were all different, I couldn’t help but still feel that sense of belonging to the culture that is Michael Oak.  I realised I was just going to have to work hard on the second book of Monkey Tales so that I could return again soon to this magical place.


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