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Panda and Fox Story

panda_04I have been wanting to tell you the story of Fox and Panda for a while, but the truth is I took these little necklaces to a craft market, about two weeks ago, and completely sold out!

So I have been very busy creating a new batch so I could finally take photos and make them available in the shop for you. You can purchase them individually, but I would really recommend going for the combo deal! Each product comes with the free eBook that you can read and enjoy while the necklace(s) is packaged and shipped off to you.

I took the opportunity of my production time to also put together a short story about these two little guys. I got author and editor, Michelle Ainslie, to cast her eye over the final story, to ensure all the spelling and grammar gremlins had all been chased out before I created a few illustrations and whipped it all together in an easy to download format. Below is the the first section of the story. (more…)

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Santa Helper Christmas Postcards to Santa

cape town postcardsDay 1

Dear Santa

We have arrived at Cape Town, which unlike home, is sunny during Christmas time. We thought we would go to the company gardens in town as we had heard so much about it. It was such a good day. The company gardens are filled with old trees and there was a delightful tea garden. Everything was going so well until Sam gave a howling screech. We all turned to look and he was racing down the path, with a squirrel chasing him. The squirrel kept swiping at Sam’s bell – I think he didn’t like the noise it made.
We all quickly left the tea, jumped down and ran after Sam and the squirrel. The squirrel got horrified with all of us running, with all our bells ringing that it jumped and climbed up the nearest tree. Sam was panting with exhaustion. We all checked to make sure he was OK, thinking the drama was over, until a pigeon came and we all had to start running again. Being small and making ringing noise seem to be bad characteristics in this place.

From the Santa Helpers (more…)

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Chapter 1: Wiggle goes on an Adventure

When mamma looked at her piglets, she saw something was wrong. The first one had stripes, the second one had stripes, the third had stripes, but the fourth had spots. The first one was brown, the second one was brown, the third one was brown, but the fourth was white, with a tuft of black […]

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Little Santa Helpers

Inspired ThingsFor those of you who follow me on social media, you might know that last weekend I was holding a table (well, half a table) at the Thriving Sustainable Craft Market, in Wynberg. Next weekend, Michelle and I will be doing another market, this time in Hout Bay. I got into the Christmas spirit somewhere between then and now and decided to create some happy elves to sell.

These elves were inspired by the little Santa Helpers in the movie ‘Rise of the Guardians.’ They have individually crafted faces and ears, from clay, come in green and red, sport a little bling bling belt and have a bell on top. Oh, and don’t forget their little details on their shoes! In the video below you can see me crafted one of the faces and then the end shot is my prototype that I made. It’s going to be a very, very busy week!

The craft market we will be at is the Green Faerie Market, Sunday 6 November 2016, 10am to 5pm at Kronendal Primary School.

I will be making about 15 – 20 elves for the fair (will see how it goes!). If you can’t make the fair and would like to have one of the elves, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be selling them for R100 each.

I have also started a page on facebook for my arts and crafts items, called ‘Inspired Things.’ If you would like to be informed via the social media platform of all my bits-and-bobs, then please go and like the page to stay updated. (more…)

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29th October – Thriving Sustainable Market

Arts and Crafts South Africa

On the 29th of October, I’ll be hosting a stall, along with author, writer and cat-lover Michelle Ainslie, at the Thriving Sustainable Community Market (it’s a mouthful, I know), at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Wynberg. Michelle will be selling second hand books from her personal collection, along with amazing ‘blind-date’ books – these are books wrapped in brown paper with a simple keyword on them. You buy them without knowing what they are, until you get home!

Art South AfricaI will be selling a collection of book-related crafts, from bookmarks, to large candles (it’s all about ‘reading’ ambiance), amongst other things. As the craft market is all about Sustainable Living, which means everything is second hand, organic, natural and home-made, I can inform you that all the bits and bobs on sale at our stall will be 99% made-up of bits and bobs in my home (with the exception of thread, that I needed to get from the beads shop), mostly left over items from my Creative Workshop I run, along with left overs from personal projects. I have even utilised space on the side of my children book illustrations I am currently working on, to make original illustrated bookmarks. (more…)

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