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Inspired Things

Inspired Things is a whimiscal place, where you can find hand-crafted items, illustrated niggles and personal creations by Celeste Beckerling, Michelle Ainslie and the Lady from Sedgefield.
These items are all devised by hand, imagined by love and actualised by our imagination, therefore each tit-bit is unique and while we do our best to shape each product range the same, there will be differences  between them.

Celeste Beckerling

Celeste Beckerling

Celeste does a variety of creative things, from illustrating children’s books through to creating products featured on this website. She also manages this website, packs the products and sends them off with good wishes.

She has a large imagination and can often be found down in the rabbit-hole, getting inspired with new ideas for stories, creatures, animals, characters and products to create for you, your children and your friends/family children.

Although sometimes adults have lost the ‘sight,’ you can be sure children get Celeste’s creations. This is very clear at Craft Markets, where often the table of products is surrounded by all ages of excited children, calling ‘Mom!’ and ‘Dad’, followed by ‘Look here!’

Michelle Ainslie

Michelle Ainslie

Michelle generally uses words and letters to create poetic stories, heal souls and soothe others tales. Her creativity sometimes overflows into other dabbles, including creating hand-crafted journals, inspiration jars and word inspired morsels.

You can find out more about Michelle’s authoring, copywriting and words skills on her website: www.micha.co.za

Lady from Sedgefield

Celeste’s mother also gets inspired and creates snippets of beauty, with her hand-crafted cards and crochet items. She often makes in abundance and sends dollops of creativity down to Cape Town which are featured on this website.

Her style is classical and a lot more ‘Chanel’ than her daughters, but still holds the family gene of bold colours and unique beauty.

Contact us

If you could like to contact us, please drop Celeste an email at mrsbeckerling (at) gmail (dot) com