Day: March 28, 2017

Back in Stock!

It was with great anticipation that I scurried home with my box from the printers. Within seconds of opening the front door I was already clawing at the lid trying to get in. The second print-run of Pink Camels and Floating Grannies was finally in!

I decided to print 50 copies this time, but when I started checking my back-order spread sheet I wondered if maybe I had been a little short. I had just received sign off that my book would be available at two new distributors, including I packed up the various parcels, bound some in brown paper and string and my box of books slowly disappeared. But I am happy to inform you that even with the distributors, readers and library (more about that later), I still have plenty of books available to sell directly to you!

This of course brings me to the libraries. I am pleased to announce that one copy is on it’s way to Cooper College in JHB. But I am even more pleased to say that two copies are also now available at the Michael Oak Waldorf School, where my main character (and I) went/go to school. It was a nostalgic moment as I walked into my old school with my package. There were plenty of new faces and of course since I had been there they have updated the high school where the library is. I felt a bit lost as I tried to navigate my way through, discovering that short-cuts and paths that used to exists have since been closed up. (more…)

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