Day: December 27, 2016

Squirrel Mad Hatter Art

Mad Hatter SquirrelAs a holiday project, I thought I would branch out into mixed-mediums and spent a couple of days creating a piece of art, using a variety of mediums.

I started off picking an animal. I chose the squirrel. From there, I did a variety of reference sketches, observations and character creations, until I realised my new character would be the best Mad Hatter character, from Alice in Wonderland.

I created the final artwork from a mixed of mediums, the base being a Masonite Board, the squirrel is clay, painted and then sealed with two types of varnish, and then the hat is from bard cardboard, denim fabric, regular cotton fabric, feather and paper, the bow from stretch fabric. I used wire to keep the bow in shape. Finally the eyebrows and whiskers of the squirrel are created with fur, that has been dyed with fabric paint.


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