Day: November 19, 2016

Panda and Fox Story

panda_04I have been wanting to tell you the story of Fox and Panda for a while, but the truth is I took these little necklaces to a craft market, about two weeks ago, and completely sold out!

So I have been very busy creating a new batch so I could finally take photos and make them available in the shop for you. You can purchase them individually, but I would really recommend going for the combo deal! Each product comes with the free eBook that you can read and enjoy while the necklace(s) is packaged and shipped off to you.

I took the opportunity of my production time to also put together a short story about these two little guys. I got author and editor, Michelle Ainslie, to cast her eye over the final story, to ensure all the spelling and grammar gremlins had all been chased out before I created a few illustrations and whipped it all together in an easy to download format. Below is the the first section of the story. (more…)

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