Day: November 13, 2016

Santa Helper Christmas Postcards to Santa

cape town postcardsDay 1

Dear Santa

We have arrived at Cape Town, which unlike home, is sunny during Christmas time. We thought we would go to the company gardens in town as we had heard so much about it. It was such a good day. The company gardens are filled with old trees and there was a delightful tea garden. Everything was going so well until Sam gave a howling screech. We all turned to look and he was racing down the path, with a squirrel chasing him. The squirrel kept swiping at Sam’s bell – I think he didn’t like the noise it made.
We all quickly left the tea, jumped down and ran after Sam and the squirrel. The squirrel got horrified with all of us running, with all our bells ringing that it jumped and climbed up the nearest tree. Sam was panting with exhaustion. We all checked to make sure he was OK, thinking the drama was over, until a pigeon came and we all had to start running again. Being small and making ringing noise seem to be bad characteristics in this place.

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